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A trading division of YTDesign specialising in educational environments.

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QBED has been working in the educational sector since 2004 and the projects we have been involved in have proved to influence the behaviour, attitude and emotional well being not just of the pupils but also of teachers, parents and visitors. Reactions to these unique interior schemes are always received with excitement and great positivity.

Our installations within educational environments can be described as an ‘invisible teacher,’ communicating through visual and stimulating features it ‘nudges’ the mind to absorb and to take note on an everyday basis. It is simple, but extremely effective. Refreshingly a newfound respect for the environment and a clearer understanding of core values and missions that are promoted within the designs are just some of the achievements attained.

We are very proud of the extremely positive difference our designs can make to a child’s educational experience, helping them to thrive, build confidence and self-belief  as they prepare for and create their own pathways through life.



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"We now have a WOW factor that reflects our school values."

Headteacher Bankside School Leeds.

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