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The blank canvas of a showhome presents many contradictions, such projects need to be viewed from a different perspective. We need to create a bold, distinctive style throughout the house with inspirational finishing touches to set it apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression with the prospective buyer, yet it must also have a broad appeal and convey an inviting warmth, luxury, comfort and homeliness that oozes quality. The aim, after all, is to encourage visitors to aspire, to visualize themselves living in such a house and stimulate feelings of excitement and desire. Completing a sale is so much easier when the product sells itself.

The look and finish must be practical, durable and capable of reproduction in the real world. And it must all be done on budget and to deadline, something at which we at YT Design excel.


The team works closely with the client to understand the ethos and values of the company and the target clientele. We then create a design that complements the style of the building, conveys the right image of the company and meets the needs and aspirations of the target buyers. We manage all the budgetary and logistical aspects of the project, consulting regularly with the client and working closely with the company’s on site teams to co-ordinate activities and ensure that the project remains on budget and on schedule.


Of course we don’t just create the ‘showhome’ look for building companies – we’ll happily bring it to your home too – see our residential pages for more details!

"Design must seduce, shape and more importantly, evoke an emotional response."

April Greiman.

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