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Invite inspired scenes into your home from the wonders of nature captured as art, with its awe inspiring beauty frozen in time.

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Where do we get our interior design ideas and inspiration from?


Here at YT Design we take many concepts and design cues from the wonderful and fascinating natural world. From the microscopic world of pollen and seeds through lichens and tree bark, flowers and foliage, sand and pebbles, water and rocks, to the stunning vibrancy of fire and the purity of ice crystals we are able to draw inspiration for stunning colour combinations and designs to include interesting and varied textures, forms and shapes.


We then specify high quality furnishings and accessories that complement these schemes. We ensure the finished interior layout works well, meets with the needs of everyday living and all the practicalities of our demanding world.


We can source a wide variety of unique and beautiful feature items such as bespoke wallpapers, hand-tufted carpets and rugs, bespoke, large scale artwork, hand-crafted furniture, tailor-made curtains and blinds and exclusive lighting products. Whatever the requirement, whatever the budget, we can source something that fits the bill perfectly. Quality and value are paramount considerations when specifying all furnishings for our clients.

On creating and completing these individual living spaces the end result speaks for itself. An expression of not only our creative input but a visual statement of the client's individual taste and style. Our tailored designs are created with longevity in mind but with a contemporary twist to reflect modern living.

So take a moment, have a look at our portfolio and consider …



What inspires you?

"Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation."

Frank Lloyd Wright.

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